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Dechrome / Chrome delete

Flawless details. - Factory finish quality or your money back.


Keep Auto-fold enabled.

Most shops will tell you it can't be done with full coverage. We say it can!
We partially disassemble the wing-mirror, allowing us to wrap the top in one full piece hiding all the chrome when you lock your car.

You can keep your Auto-Folding mirrors turned on!

Wrap around door handles

Another case of us going above and beyond.

Instead of wrapping just the face of the handles, we skillfully wrap all around in one piece!


3m Satin Black

Our Vinyl of choice is 3m 2080 Satin black. It is the best colour match to the face-lift trims, and the 3m quality is unrivaled.

If you prefer the look of gloss black trims, we can certainly do that!

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