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Services & Pricing

Discover our comprehensive range of automotive enhancements, including full wraps, dechromes, window tinting, headlight/taillight tinting, wheel powder coating and caliper spraying, all crafted to elevate your Tesla's style and appeal.


Full Wraps

Elevate your car's aesthetics and safeguard its paint with our premium full wraps, providing a stylish and protective transformation for your vehicle

Pricing starting from £1450 total.

0% APR Financing Available on all Full wraps.

Satin grey Tesla Model 3 Wrapping near me
Tesla Model Dechroming service


Revamp your car's appearance with our dechrome service, elegantly wrapping the chrome around your car in a sleek satin black finish, instantly elevating its style and matching the new design from Tesla.

Pricing starting from: £350 total.

Window Tinting

Upgrade your car's style and comfort with our expert window tinting service, providing a sleek and cooler interior while adding a touch of privacy to your Tesla.

Additionally, we offer an exclusive coloured chameleon tint option for the windscreen, providing a unique and eye-catching effect.

Tesla model Window tinting available
Tesla Headlight and taillight tint tinting service near me

Headlight/Taillight Tinting

Our headlight and taillight tinting service enhances the appearance of your vehicle by applying a sleek, professional tint to your lights, creating a stylish and distinctive look.


We have light, medium and dark tint available.


We can also source coloured tint available on request.

Wheel Powder Coating & Caliper Spraying

Transform the look of your wheels with our expert wheel refurbishment and powder coating service, restoring their original beauty or giving them a bold, customised finish that's sure to turn heads.

Diamond Cutting is available on request.

Tesla Model Wheel and Caliper refurb and powder coating
Contact us today to discuss your customisation needs and receive a detailed quote that aligns with your desired Tesla model and chosen services. We look forward to bringing your vision to life and transforming your Tesla into a stunning, personalised masterpiece.
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